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Know All About Hong Kong and Study in Hong Kong through College Done

An incredible combination of Western and Eastern societies, Hong Kong is an amazingly modern country, while as yet regarding the antiquated Chinese customs and societies. A moderately little area, it is an Asian monetary power, and a world-driving focal point of the back, exchange, and coordination. Consolidate the majority of this with the splendid quality advanced education establishments, and you can perceive any reason why Hong Kong is the ideal decision for an International student. It has the youngest population and the government makes consistent efforts to provide enormous resources for education for the students. Hence a lot of students want to Study Abroad in Hong Kong. Authoritatively the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong is home to relatively 7.5 million individuals. It is an extraordinary authoritative locale, implying that while it is a piece of terrain China, its administrative framework is discrete. The locale was initially scantily populated, and a territory of cultivating and angling towns. It has now turned out to be one of the world's most essential budgetary focuses and business ports, with occupants of a wide range of nationalities. You may apply here through College Done. Thousands of students are now choosing Hong Kong as their Study Abroad destination of choice.
Hong Kong has the biggest amount of skyscrapers in the world, the majority of which are situated in Victoria Harbor. The skyscrapers are a piece of the notorious modern horizon, yet are supplemented by the conventional Chinese design you will likewise discover in the district. Over 90% of the populace utilize people in general transport frameworks, which are profoundly advanced and very well developed.

Why Choose College Done as a Consultant for Study in Hong Kong

  • College Done Have Best Career Counselor which guide you to about your future.
  • Find the best Institute from the bunch of others Institute for Study Abroad in Hong Kong.
  • Proper advice and guidance at the right time are saving your time and money.
  • Your personal advisor who helps you during the immediate and future problems of the education procedure.
  • To know the various career opportunities regarding your study as a global perspective. Through counselor, a student also gets pre-information about diversified cultures of the world that will help the student to understand and acknowledge it easily.
    Ask Now for Study Abroad Education Consultant in Indore

Ask Now for Study Abroad Education Consultant in Indore

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Why Study in Hong Kong Overseas | College Done

Hong Kong is home to numerous incredibly famous colleges and universities. Along with it one of the world's highest concentrations internationally of ranked Institutions. There are 6 of Hong Kong's colleges in the 2019 QS World University Rankings top 500. The most elevated positioned is the University of Hong Kong, which is set at 25th. The following most elevated positioned is The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, which is set in 37th. The main college that isn't inside the best 500 is Lingnan University, which and still, at the end of the day is just in the 601-650th gathering. Apply now to College Done for Study Abroad in Hong Kong.

  • A great place to study and work
  • The research focused & technology driven education
  • Attractive scholarships and bursaries
  • Strong economy
  • One of the highest standards of living in the world
  • Affordable education compared to UK, USA
  • Extremely friendly & co-operative people
  • Excellent Weather suitable for Indian students
  • Ample opportunities to work while studying
  • Post Qualification work & settlement options
  • Opportunities to explore job & PR prospects
  • Options for married students to take their spouses with fulltime work rights

Know About Hong Kong Education System Through College Done

Many of the students choose Hong Kong for their higher educations or study abroad. Hong Kong is the best place for international students, but the country wants their place to make it's more attractive. Hong Kong working and investing a lot of money to increase the numbers of students along with that government also thinking on scholarships, and offering more grants to make study easier for the International Students. Hong Kong has a strong conceptual thing and its reputation in the field of innovation, science, and research. Hong Kong making their education facilities well-developed and diverse for all. Hong Kong describing a multicultural joy and colorful Society. Here you can experience a lot of too in a region. Apply in College Done and get Study Abroad Education Consultant in Indore

Education System in Hong Kong for the Students

The educational cost charges you pay will depend upon where you study in Hong Kong. By and large, you ought to hope to pay between HKD 90,000 and HKD 265,000 every year as an International Student. Because of the way that Hong Kong wishes to draw in more International Students, there are a lot of grants accessible that will help subsidize your examinations. These will, in general, be granted to Students who indicate scholastic magnificence and potential, and can be competitive. They are granted by individual establishments and in addition, some that are offered by the administration. Contact your foundation to see whether you are qualified for any grants, and to get direction for applications.
Your average cost for basic items will depend upon where you live. On the off chance that you live in a rental apartment, this will be more costly than college convenience. For a student residence, you should spending plan for between HKD 15,000 and HKD 45,000 every year. For a secretly leased one-room level, you should spending plan for between HKD 90,000 and HKD 200,000 every year. For additional living costs, you ought to take into consideration around HKD 50,000 every year. Worldwide students are allowed to go up against particular kinds of low maintenance work. These will in general incorporate course-related entry-level positions, on grounds employments and summer occupations. Further insights concerning this ought to be in a 'No Objection Letter' when your visa is affirmed.

Courses available for UG and PG Students in Hong Kong

Awarded courses vary extensively with the advanced education part as section prerequisites, term, and technique for appraisal. The accompanying honors are offered by Hong Kong Universities:

  • Doctoral Degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • Graduate Diploma
  • Graduate Certificate
  • Bachelor Degree
  • Associate Degree
  • Advanced Diploma
  • Vocational Graduate Diploma
  • Vocational Graduate Certificate
  • Advanced Diploma
  • Diploma
  • Fashion
  • Architecture
  • Health Science
  • Business

Know About Admission Process for Study in Hong Kong | College Done

To find out about the admission affirmation procedure in Hong Kong and to get the best quality counsel about how to study in Hong Kong Enroll at College Done. After enrollment, students will be properly guided through various key stages, expanding their odds of getting confirmation in their preferred organizations. This is the Admissions Process for Study in Hong Kong.

  • Registration:
    You register with College Done and be assured of obtaining the best quality advice.

  • Profiling: 
    The Suggested Institute make an assessment of your academic qualifications, work experience, financial status, career goals as well as life interests and aspirations.

  • Standardized Tests:
    The Institute evaluate the requirement of any standardized tests you may need to take or review results that have been already obtained.
  • University & Course Selection: 
    Together, The Institute shortlist potential universities and courses that match your profile.

  • Document Editing: 
    The Institute will edit the essays, Statement of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation and Resume, which have been written by you.
  • Application Review and Submission: 
    The completed application forms are reviewed before they are submitted to your final choice of universities.

  • Interview Preparation: 
    The Institute will assist in preparation (including mock sessions) for the interviews that you may have with the chosen universities.

  • Visa Counseling:
    The Institutes will assist in preparation (including mock sessions) for the interviews that you may have with the High Commissions or Embassies, as well as the collation and review of relevant documentation for submission of the visa application.

  • Pre-Departure Information:
    The Institutes will deliver comprehensive information about the country of choice to ensure that you are completely prepared for life at an overseas university.

Test Requirements For Study In Hong Kong

  • TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • IELTS: International English Language Testing System
  • PTE: Pearson Test of English (Academic)

List of Universities in Hong Kong

For all students who are interested to study in abroad, are describing the names of selected colleges and universities here. Especially for those students who want to get an education & make their Career in Hong Kong. We are presenting the name of the Top 10 Best Universities of Hong Kong:

    1. The University of Hong Kong
    2. Chinese University of Hong Kong
    3. City University of Hong Kong
    4. Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    5. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
    6. Hong Kong Baptist University
    7. Open University of Hong Kong
    8. Education University of Hong Kong
    9. Hang Seng University of Hong Kong
  10. Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

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